Wheaton College: There and Back again. Pre Departure Orientation.


We had an amazing and exhausting time at Wheaton College.  Our training seminars covered everything from Spiritual Health, Crisis Preparedness, Emotional Wellbeing, and Finances.  Lots of finances!  We have new missionary friends heading to anywhere you can think of.  We were blessed to finish the week with a commissioning service that involved many seasoned missionaries praying for us as we begin our time in Spain. Through all of this time we have truly felt the blessing of your support and your partnership.


The kids have were definitely troopers.  Long hours, lots of stimuli, and new environments ( along with one trip to the walk in clinic for Pink eye) can be stressful especially meal time but the childcare was excellent.  On Wednesday the kids learned about public transportation, which many will be using extensively in their new countries.  They rode the train into town, had some ice cream at “2 Toots” and then rode back.   Abby was so excited and this trip happened to coincide with her 5th Birthday.

2 toots

If I can take anything specifically away from the week at Wheaton College, it would be that we are going to Spain.  It sounds silly but God is bit by tiny bit making the journey into a reality. Nothing will bring you down to earth like talking about rolling over a 403 B, or high deductible insurance plans with flexible spending accounts.  This just got real.

We spent a couple of days in St. Louis to rest and decompress before we get back to the business of life n Memphis.  We got to see the City Museum which helped me realize that I may have a touch of claustrophobia, agoraphobia, and acrophobia, all at the same time.



“Lauren and Abby Climbing to the BIG Slide at the City Museum>  St. Louis”


I know I am feeling  excited and anxious about the work God has called us to, and also excited that God has met a big prayer request.  Being able to attend Pre-Departure Orientation was the first of three major goals for our call to Spain.  The next big hurdle is raising the final half of our support.  Our time frame is to have this finished is the end of September. This is a big, BIG push but God has shown that He is willing and able to meet these big goals and I am eager to see Him work.


We also have to come up with a plan and a schedule for organizing, reducing, packing and shipping our belongings.  We have to start our visa process probably in September, and find an international bank that we can work with.  All of these are on our prayer list.

Thank you all again for all of your prayers. We could not do any of this with out the care and support of all of you.



Bill, Lauren, Abby, Will

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