Third Culture Kids



Our missions pastor at Second Pres. Has been facilitating a group on Wednesday nights looking at the book, “Third Culture Kids”.  The general concept is that kids who move with their families or are born into a culture other than that of their family of origin (ie. Missionary Kids) develop a third culture of their own.  For example a missionary from the U.S. who lives with their children in Spain during their very formative  early developmental years ( about 4-18) will probably not identify themselves as Spanish, nor American, but something in between.

As a part of this class, Our pastors teen age daughter was kind enough to provide a little Q and A time from a real life Q and A.  Someone asked her if she planned to stay in the US after college.  She responded that she could stay here but that it would be really hard.  She would feel more comfortable living internationally

After the class I was struck by this ( it usually takes me a little while to catch on), This could be my daughter.  She could say at some time I’d be willing to stay in the US but I really hope to live_____(fill in the blank). . It is in fact likely that at some point my children will live on the other side of the world as me.  And so, being the clever guy that I am,  I suddenly understand in a very real way that following God’s call for Lauren and I to Spain will change the trajectory of my family for generations.

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