“Mission Smart” by David L. Frazier

Mission Smart is an excellent resource for anyone who may be considering God’s call to the mission field.   Designed to be used as a “workbook “ for use with a potential missionary and a mentor, it is full of practical actions and real life examples of struggles and successes from Frazier’s many years in working with international missionaries. The bulk of the chapters are spent asking the reader to consider, with the guidance of a mentor, 15 questions. Some of these questions follow:

Why are you going?

What is your contribution?

Do others confirm your call?

Do you need more education?

How will you equip and protect your family?

Do you have close friends in your home church?

Do you know your target people?

What will be your identity?

Do you understand your first task?

Some of these questions have pretty obvious answers for me. Do I need more education, yes. Do I have close friends in my home church, yes. Some of these questions are difficult to answer in the light of everyday life here in the U.S. What is my contribution? Some days I feel like I contribute very little to society, or my family or to anything at all. Some seem easily answered but upon reflection become more complicated. Do I understand my first task? Learning Spanish will be my first task once I get to Spain. But it really is more that learning to have a conversation, it is learning to communicate. I need to understand Spanish culture. Where they buy groceries. When they eat dinner. How they spend time together. I have spent a life time trying to learn these skills in my home culture and now I have to unlearn it or try to translate it to Spain.

This book is an exercise in moving from the early stages of a investigating a calling, to preparing, to going. We often miss the preparing step. This may be why God is forcing me to slow down. I want to leave for Spain this summer.   We will not be funded by that time so we will have to wait until at least January. God is using this time to prepare me in some way, and I would ask that you all pray that I would understand and rejoice in this process. Our support raising is going well and for every day I feel depressed by it I have 2 or 3 days that I feel more blessed and cared for and respected by my friends and family and affirmed by God in my call to Spain than ever before. But I continue to be content in that.

Blessings All,


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