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Common TEAM Finnell Questions

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We get asked a lot of Questions about our plans for Spain.  One of the most common is, “When are you leaving?”.  As with so many things in preparing to move overseas as a missionary family, a simple question has a complicated answer.  If you are a “just the facts” kind of person the answer is mid-January. If you are a context person the answer follows:

We have begun the process for applying for our families’ visas which will include no less than two family trips to Houston TX to visit the Spanish consulate. While this process is ongoing, we are continuing to develop a solid foundation of giving and praying partners.  We are organizing and figuring out how to pack, ship, give away, sell, or store all of our belongings.  All while working full time and raising a 1 and five year old.

You may be saying, “Bill, This sounds like a lot of work how are you going to get all of this done?”  If you know us well, you will be saying, “Bill, this sounds like a lot of work, how is Lauren going to get all of this done.” The answer is actually simple and it has two parts.

1) My wife.  Lauren has been an amazing partner throughout this process who knows how to motivate and encourage me, and when I am especially stubborn kick me in the pants “in love”.  We will only make it to Spain with her planning and deliberation. I’m a big picture person and she is excellent at detail.    I often tell people we complement each other well but truthfully I could stand to be a lot more like her in this. If you’ve ever seen me and the kids at church on the weekend of the women’s retreat you have a solid understanding of what a huge amount of hurt we are in when she is not around.  If the goal is to get the kids to church Sunday morning, apparently even having their shoes can be optional.

2) Become very short sighted at times.  I have to focus on whatever task God has put in front of me and I try to do it to the best of my ability then let the results be what they are. In most job applications or interviews today, applicants are asked, ‘How are you at multi-tasking?’  I have heard anyone ask the question, “How are you at simply being present with the one person, or the one task God has assigned to you at this moment?”  I do not multi task well. The best I can do is accomplish one task.  Leave it behind, and Let God lead me to the next task.  If I focus too much on all the steps necessary to get to Spain I will be mired by doubt and fear and effectively immobilized.


If you have other Questions about our Journey to Spain we would love to answer them just comment below and we will be sure to answer.



Bill Finnell

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